K A T A R Z Y N A   E W A   Z D A N O W I C Z



Poems from book How the little girls die
translated by Marek Ługowski



don't want to scare you but mom says
that you'll go to hell for what you did to me
and won't get a promotion

I look now like a fattened-up barbie doll
or like mickey mouse after a skull trepanation

I wear glasses as big as sunflowers
braids as slender as earthworms
and pajamas patterned with fat ladybugs

actually I'm still the same girl
whose panties you took off

but I'll no longer get faked out by such cheap moves
as love death truth and the writing of poems

flow, ebb

I have a room with a view of the sea
a bed which talks in its sleep
sand in the underwear and ants in the bathroom

do you know that the jellyfish resemble trampled hats
and the children on the beach take them into their hands
like apricot pudding
shouting to their mothers hey evening snack coming up

today I found a little shell shaped like your ear
under a bridge a drunkard goes to sleep wrapped in a shadow
life is salty and like netted fish
each day we trash about less and less


sometimes on a bus
I come upon men
who smell like you

then I come up closer and whisper thief

my physician says it is not love
but only a locomotive disease

you too can become a general

a boy who loves me went off to war
took a cell phone with him and called from the front

...I dreamed of you today you didn't write poems instead
you were so good like thick jam with bread
I often sleep in the trenches as cold as your hands
there's mud in my hair and I've a mouth full of sand...

he who loves me went off to war
which I unleashed

-- kill him quickly because he calls too often -

The Bottom

         I've been told so many times
          don't go through these woods
          because they might rape you
          and forget to kill you

          -- and you are like a drinking straw or a dried-up breeze
          a paper boat in a crumpled puddle --
          so wretched and brittle that before fear devours you
          you will get to love it you will get to serve it

          and I enter these woods up to my neck like water
          I no longer feel the bottom
          and the good God swallows me like saliva